Book a shopping appointment (dtla)

$ 20.00

Book an in person shopping appointment at our Los Angeles studio below to try on the pieces you are interested in purchasing.

Our studio address is below:

817 S. Los Angeles St #4G

(between 8th and 9th)

Los Angeles, CA



*Apple pay via phone is not accepted, only physical credit cards at the moment with numbers on them.

*We do not accept Cashapp, but we do accept Zelle.

*Cash is only accepted if it is the exact amount including taxes. We do not hold cash for to disburse change.

*Deposit will be deducted from the cost of your purchase during your appointment.

*Deposit's are non refundable.


*Parking around our studio is metered and there are also parking lots around the area.

*Please note that if you park in a metered spot, you must add enough money in order to not get a parking ticket for exceeding your time.

*We are not responsible for paying parking tickets and the officers are strict about time.

*If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do your best to let us know ahead of time. We are a small team doing our best and time is so valuable to all of us. Likewise, if something comes up for our team, we will also communicate a cancelation or reschedule.

*If you have a style in mind, let us know what size you are looking for. This helps us prepare it for try on or to check if we have it available for immediate purchase.

*The purpose of these appointments is not for social gatherings, it is for potential buyers only. We hold space for gatherings on other occasions, so please follow us on socials and the mailing list to hear more about those events. 


*We are a small business, so we don't have fancy fitting rooms, yet! There is a bathroom where you can get dressed and a small pop-up fitting tent we use. It's low key over here, but still hella cool!


*Mutual respect. We are all people. 

*No photos can be taken at our studio without our consent or permission. This is our private space where we create and it's sacred to our practice.

*We have cameras, if you book an appointment you are consenting to being filmed. The cameras are for the purpose of security. They wont be used for any other reason.

*We are not responsible for any personal injuries or damages

*All return and exchange policies from our website apply to studio purchases and visits as well

Thank you for your time and support. It means so much to us!

We look forward to meeting you.