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BAD BUNNY wearing EQUIHUA for "Cuidao por ahi" video

FARINA wearing EQUIHUA for her "Nueva Vida" music video


Lil Nas X wearing EQUIHUA for "Montero" Apple Music interview

Kehlani wearing EQUIHUA for her "All me/Change your life" video


Princess Nokia featured in Vogue wearing EQUIHUA during Paris Fashion Week

Young Thug showing out for his BDAY and Album release party! Wearing the Devotion Coat.

HAYLEY KIYOKO wearing EQUIHUA for her Billboard interview

J BALVIN Siempre EQUIHUA nunca INEQUIHUA in his "Haute" music video. LEGOOO!

RAUW ALEJANDRO wearing Equihua Paniolo vest.

SHELLEY fma dram for his "Exposure" video

Farruko in our "Tepeyac" hat for his video Love66 video

AK THE SAVIOR looking like royalty in EQUIHUA

 EL BAD BUNNY closing his Lollapalooza show in PARIS 2019

Kristine Crawley touched down in JAPAN wearing Equihua!

Aureta an artistic vision in EQUIHUA

Chingo bling casually grocery shopping

 Greta Lee in full chill mode wearing EQUIHUA

Our love Curly looking like a whole ass beautiful statue 

The G.O.A.T showing love. Calm down everyone, "I know, right?"

Somebody call the ambulamps! Stacy Ike looking like fire in the EQUIHUA "Dynamite" look 

Lyndsy Fonseca ripping souls wearing our EQUIHUA " Immortal" gown to the Academy Awards party

Jennifer Beals was seen and never forgotten in the EQUIHUA "Superfly" jacket for her press tour of NBC taken 

Shaun Robinson looking taller than your mans in this "Sweethang" gown! 

Throw in the towel! Our EQUIHUA "Game over" gown on Gabrielle Dennis for the Essence event. She straight up "Bye, Felicia'd" everybody there. 

Jennifer Beals feeling both happy and fierce in this EQUIHUA look!


Equihua in the April print issue of Latina Magazine outshining the real art, lolz!


AzMarie Livingston wearing EQUIHUA "Vanguard" to the LA Fashion Magazine Launch, I was there and people were getting out of her way! This look is all POWER.

Erinn Hayes wearing Equihua to the Premiere of The Hotwives of Las Vegas. When she came out, people literally fanned themselves.

 C Magazine, our "EASTSIDE STORY"