"PORTAL" Earrings

$ 75.00

These earrings were made for a Beyonce campaign photoshoot, ayeee!!! We are bringing them here for y'all!

Inspired by bolo ties and the magic of horses, our real life unicorns!

It is made from leather bolo cording, gold color hardware, metal wiring, gold tips, and gold plated hoops

Please note that the design will vary slightly from images because they are made by hand individually.

SIS, these are not gonna be your everyday light earrings. These are a moment.

Base: Braided leather and Gold plated hoops

There are NO returns or exchanges. 

*Please allow 3 weeks for item to ship and additional 1-3 days for delivery within the US*

*Please treat this jewelry like GOD made it. Keep it somewhere safe and be careful when handling it.