"Mermaid Homegirls" Camp Shirt

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Mermaid Homegirls camp shirt (hand dyed)

An exclusive EQUIHUA print artwork inspired by Mexican Ex-Votos. They are devotional paintings created as offerings to patron saints. For our series, we chose to express gratitude to Aztec divinities. Ex-Votos normally depict the scene of the miracle along with a description of it. The script on Mermaid Homegirls reads:

"Gracias a Chalchiuhtlicue por las faldas que nos dio, ahora podemos nadar bajo el agua tranquilas yo y mis homegirls!"

"Thank you to Chalchiuhtlicue for the skirts she gave us, now my homegirls and I can swim underwater in tranquility"

Chalchiuitlicue directly translates to "Jade her skirt." She is associated with Serpents, Water, and Fertility. 


-Fit: Loose, true to size

-Front pocket

-Button closure

-Pointed collar


Shell: 85%Cotton/15%Linen

Please note each shirt is printed and dyed one-by-one. Color of base shirt, artwork, and printing will vary within tolerance due to the artistry.

Machine or Hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry cleaning helps to maintain the longevity and original texture of your clothes, this method is preferred. 

Made in Los Angeles 

*This is a made to order item, we don't hold stock. It is made when you order it. Please be patient, we are a small business and we like to make good work. It will take about 2-3 weeks to ship your order*

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